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Short overview of Aircloud - The Best Airbnb clone script

Aircloud Provides the peer-to-peer accomodation market place between the hosts and travellers who are linked through website.Aircloud, which is airbnb clone script allows you to set up rentals marketplace platform for accomodation booking.This marketplace builds network platform which connects hosts and travellers.

"Aircloud, the best airbnb clone script supports you to setup platform to generate revenue by getting commission from host for getting guests booked from this platform.This product built with powerful admin panel, host module and attractive user interface for the endusers.This product is customizable for car rentals, pet rentals, workspace, boat rentals..etc."

Basic Guidelines to provide you better understanding of Aircloud -Airbnb Clone Script

Aircloud provides platform to connect hosts and travellers.we are living in a fast growing digitalization world where we are getting most of the things from online web applications through internet.

During vacations, people are planning for a trip to enjoy their vacations.Aircloud helps travellers to find a stay for their accomodations through web platform.

Hosts registers and list their property(house,rooms,apartments) and admin verifies the property and publish the listings.Now those verified listings published in the platform.Now guests do the search and find the matching stays and booked online and enjoy their accomdations during travel.Aircloud is an interface to help guests to find right accomodations in need of stay.

Being Admin (owner) of the Aircloud platfrom, you will earn money in following aspects

  • When booking happened, Admin will get commission from the host.
  • Enable Property listing fee setting to get commission when host lists the property
  • Providing their own extra services by linking to accomodations, to promote their services to guests

Admin is the owner of the platform who has centralized control to manage the entire system.

  • Website Master settings
  • User Management
  • Property Management
  • Booking Management
  • Reservations Management ..... etc

Host is the owner of the property who wants to list their rentals in our platform.The Host module provides the following services

  • Add the Propery Information and price details
  • Uploading Images of the property
  • Managing Properties
  • Managing Reservations
  • Managing Accounts ..... etc

Guests are travellers who are looking for stays.

  • Managing Accounts
  • Searching, Booking
  • Managing Payments
  • Managing Bookings

AirCloud - Airbnb Clone Script Features

Admin Module
  • Master Settings Management
  • Subadmin Management
  • User Management
  • Property Management
  • Payment Management
  • Reservation Management
  • Host Earnings Management
  • Cancellation Management
  • Review Management
  • Excel Report Generation
  • CMS Management
  • Email Management
  • Email Template Management
  • User Verification System
  • Image Verification
  • Banner,Advertisement Management
  • Payment Gateway Management
  • Dynamic configurable settings
  • User Attributes Management
  • Property Attributes Management
  • Popular Destinations Management
Host Module
  • Host Verification System
  • Property Management
  • Reservation Management
  • Multiple Image Upload System
  • Calendar System
  • Price Managment
  • Accept/Instant Booking System
  • Cancellation System
  • Bookings and Payment
  • Review Management
  • Account Management
  • Host Earnings Management
  • Lsiting Completion check system
  • Approval and auto-approval
  • Inbox Management
  • Accept/Decline Booking Request
  • Easy Listing Forms
  • Steps Categorization of listing
Front End - Endusers
  • Responsive UserInterface
  • Google Map Integration
  • Quick Search Filters
  • single-language [Customizable Multiple language]
  • Single Currency
  • Paypal Integrated
  • Email Verification System
  • Mobile Verification System
  • User Verification System
  • Messaging System
  • Account Management
  • Trips Management
  • Cancellation and Refund
  • Review Management
  • Profile and account settings
  • Social Logins
  • Request and approval system
  • Instant Booking
  • Profile Completion check
  • Easy workflow

Best Pricing , Benefits and Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Pricing - Buy Aircloud Airbnb Clone script at $99

  • Free Installation on non cloud hosting
  • Free Rebranding
  • Friendly Customer support
  • Bug Free Support
  • Robust and Scalable Product
  • Smart pricing
  • Free updates for 1year
  • Fully customizable
  • Cost Effective
  • 100% SourceCode
  • Less Price on customization

Buy AirCloud Airbnb Clone Script and start your marketplace

Nexcloudz started on 2016 by 3 friends jointly together to build a product and serving to clients as freelancing.

Beinning a startup company is not a easy thing.we need to put lot of effort to scale up our business.For that, Investment of money is main problem for many people.The same thing will apply for the people who is going to buy the script with huge amount initially.We planned to build core features that will provide all necessary functionalites for online rentals booking which help our clients to initiate the business.

Clients who bought script cannot get the revenue immediately.They need to spend money and work effort to scale their business .In addition to that,they need to work in all the following activities

  • Spending money in Server hosting,domain,SSL certificates
  • Spending money for marketing
  • Meeting lot of people to demonstarte the applications to host
  • Advertisements publishing
  • Lot of work to do for promotion

Once they saceled up the business,they will have the budget in hand to improve the websites ,introducing new features and thinking about mobile applications ..etc. This is our main intention to give as low price to our clients.

How do I begin?

You can go through the description of our product and if you have any clarifications you will connect to us either live chat or email or skype.we are looking forward to work together.

The price $99 is for single domain license.If you need multidomain then cost will vary.For multidomain costs ,you will contact to us.

Yes,100% source code .

You can click buy button and pay through paypal.

You can discuss with our team about your customization requirements.Our team will come up with estimates .We are not charging our clients on hourly basis .It will be fixed bit that depends on the requirements.

PHP 7.1 Laravel 5.2, Mysql

Nginx or apache, PHP > 5.6 , Mysql.

Yes.But in some of the views it is in english only.

Bug Free support

We will provide 1 year free updates.After that it will be chargeable depends on the features.